C-Squared Interior Design

Our Service

On the Spot Advice

We will help you to identify your interior dilemmas, discuss your ideas, and work out what would suit your lifestyle – while in the rooms that need attention or updating. You will receive instant suggestions to solve problems and dilemmas plus advice on style, colour, furniture layout, lighting, pictures and decorative features.

 Bespoke Planning

We will: define a scheme and provide drawings; propose options for walls, floors, furnishings; prepare a preliminary budget; supply information on tradespeople; draw up an action plan and make a preliminary selection of items to be bought. We will organize everything for you to start the project – but you will do the project management.

 Project Management

managing the execution of the project including: instructing builders and other service providers; supervision of tradespeople during work-in-progress stages; researching and buying items; providing a summary of quotes for the project; monitoring the budget. In short, we will take care of the whole project from start to finish.

Consultancy Advice

We are available to discuss additional or new aspects if you need more help later. If you simply want advice on colour schemes, for example, this might be the best option for you.

Personal Shopping

We can buy some or all the items you need (furnishings, lighting, tiles, wallpaper, etc) to save you time and hassle.